Fifa 21 Xbox One @ Amazon Canada – CDN$29.90

Fifa 21 Xbox One Amazon Canada
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Fifa 21 for the Xbox One is currently on sale at Amazon Canada for CDN$29.90.

  • Upgrade to Xbox series x at No additional cost. Creative runs – New options for influencing your team’s movement off the ball revolutionise attacking build up play in FIFA 21
  • Directed runs – Take full control over the direction of the runs your teammates make by flicking the right stick after triggering a run
  • Directed Pass and go – decide where your teammate makes their run after a Pass by immediately flicking the right stick in the desired direction
  • Player lock – press in both sticks to lock to your current player when in attack
  • For more control, flick the right stick to switch away from a locked player and control your teammates movement before calling for a return Pass
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